• $50 Million in Credit Announced with Calvert, Ecobank

    New credit facilities immediately available for non-profit and sovereign borrowers

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  • Development Leaders are Talking About PGH!

    From The Global Fund and World Bank to Ministries of Health in Ethiopia and Senegal, leadership is showing strong support for PGH.

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  • PGH’s 2013 Annual Review

    An annual review of PGH’s operational developments, operational achievements, institutional growth, and financial health.

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  • Business, Non-Profit & Development Leaders Endorse PGH

    Ariel Pablos-Mendez (USAID), Kathy Calvin (UNF), Anders Nordstrom (Sweden) & Ray Chambers (UN Special Envoy) discuss PGH in GHD

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  • USAID & Sida announce new 5-year guarantee for PGH

    New guarantee enables PGH to access $100 million in financing to scale-up bridge financing operations

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    GBC Health Conference


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  • Pledge Guarantee for Health (PGH) is

    an innovative financing partnership designed to increase the availability and predictability of funding from international donors for health commodities. Recipients are empowered to use donor committed funding in advance of disbursement, resulting in increased buying power, greater value, accelerated procurement and delivery, and, ultimately, more lives saved.
    • Health

      The ability to rapidly issue payment while awaiting donor disbursement avoids cash flow inefficiencies and overpricing, saving more lives faster.

    • Finance

      Recipients leverage greater negotiating power by removing risk for suppliers of essential commodities, reducing price premiums.

    • Procurement

      With control of procurement timing, recipients can avoid stock outs, rush orders and emergency delivery, which are costly and come at the expense of lives saved.